Though the Storms Keep Raging and the Winds Keep Blowing (Part 2)

Friday, October 19th, 2012 @ 8:43PM


Though the Storms Keep Raging and the Winds Keep Blowing, Your Soul Is Anchored In the Lord (Part 2)

By Moses Hightower

These words came to me,

There cometh great peace unto you in the midst of this conflict. I shall usher in more grace, and grace shall shove these conflicting things into the chambers where the ashes are kept. Do not worry. I have not slept while men conspired against you, neither have I granted anyone an advantage over you. What men consider an advantage is really a disadvantage. No power can be given over you. There is none that understands the dilemma the way I understand it. I have anchored your soul in me, and I will not lose you to frustration and conspiracy. I have borne you upon the wings of faith. Faith is not faltering in the face of all these things. Faith is not intimidated by the unceasing storms of life. Intimidation and conspiracy cannot root up this anchor. I have set you in a place by me and in me. Your soul will not be moved and your life will not be cast down. I have anchored you in my love.  My love for you has given birth to a child born in the fire. Your birthplace is never in danger because the serpents of the night cannot abide in this holy place of birth. As a babe in a basket woven by a caring mother, rest in this fire. The fire is the basket of safety for you. The serpents that came to devour and poison you with their venomous bites will not approach you in this fire of trial. My design for your life is not fashioned after human reasoning, neither can man understand it with mental ability. To understand the design of this building that I am building, a heavenly mind must be given. Rest as I continue to build strength inside of you. There are weaknesses inside that must be pitched with the mortar of grace and love. When your weaknesses have been repaired by the surgery of grace and love, then will you stand and lift the heavy load of other people’s burdens and your own. I have said, “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

Lift up your eyes to the storm all about you and behold that it is really in another dimension. Press your face to the line that divides the truth from this lie and see that these lies cannot enter into the realm of the truth where you are hidden. Behold it and see that the lies merely bombard the shield of truth and faith. You are blinking from the viciousness of these lies. Keep your eyes open and see that the lies merely bounce away when they come toward you. Stand still and see my salvation on your behalf. I shall take the author of these lies and conspiracies and chain them up. I shall parade them before you in the chains of bondage and sorrow.


RE: RHEMA – Though the Storms Keep Raging and the Winds Keep Blowing, Your Soul Is Anchored in the Lord (Part 2)

God’s promise and oath is the anchor of hope that we hold sure and steadfast within the veil.  Jesus Christ is the forerunner that has entered for us after the order of Melchisedek.  Natural birth or ability does not qualify us to be in this royal priesthood.  We have been called by his grace.  From above the mercy seat and within the veil, there is the dynamic of power that is beyond the reach of man or lies to impeach or change.  His word will not fail to accomplish its purpose in our lives.  External pressures and distractions will try to get us to turn loose of the anchor. God himself will strengthen our grip on the unchangeable providence of his sovereign power.  Faith will sweep us up into the arms of our Beloved just behind the veil of fleshly concerns.  His overwhelming love will wash our minds and spirits of every uncertainty when he shows us that he is more than enough.  In Ephesians 3:20, we have the wordexceeding planted directly in the path of all intruders. Intruders of fear, disqualification, and judgment may try to lie their way in, but his love and power will disbar them.  Exceeding is the Greek wordHyperbos.  It means that we are propelled far beyond the reach of any assault that would try to hold us in its captivity.  God’s transcending grace will take us above and beyond the lines of battle, and we will see him defeat them all from the hiding place we have in him.

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