The Bright Light of God’s Glory Shining Through Vessels in Obscurity

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The Bright Light of God’s Glory Shining Through Vessels in Obscurity

By Moses Hightower

These words entered into my hearing, 

While you record the inspiration that comes to you, know that your days shall not pass before you are brought before your enemies that I might glorify my name and my gift in you; therefore, do not worry about the length of the time spent in obscurity and alienation. I must bring to pass in the life of your enemies the things destined to bring them to confusion. Do not rejoice in their quandary. Even this is unto your good and a testimony of my grace. You will be distracted with them if you rejoice in their bewilderment.

I have sent you ahead in sufferings and persecutions. The desired outcome is that all would come to the courts of love and forgiveness. I have sent spirits among them to baffle them and to smite them with perplexity. Love in the time of this great chaos among men shall be rare, for their love is waxing cold. Prepare yourself in love. Be rooted and grounded in love that you may be able to comprehend what is the breadth, length, depth, and height of things. Be rooted and grounded in love that you may be able to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge so that you might be filled with all the fullness of God. I am preparing many for the fullness of God where great love shines out of the darkness of obscurity. Do not despise the time spent in obscurity, for out of this great darkness shall the light of my glory shine brightest.

Do not be disturbed because of the ailments incurred during this present time. The disorder and irregularity shall not dim my light of blessings. I have kept your blessings intact. The turmoil and upheaval shall not shake them from your heart.  My word has gone out of my mouth. All of the pandemonium of your enemies shall not cause a reversal of my promises. Turn from the force of derangement and look to the order of my promises. They are sure and steadfast. You will receive them in due time. Allow love to shine through you so that your hands are not tainted with confusion when I place the blessings in your bosom. What glory is found in receiving blessings when your heart is cluttered with anarchy?

Grace has leaped into your heart. Love has empowered you with right desires. Peace has arrested vengeance. Righteousness has brought its sun of healing. Mercy has drawn brokenness and tears from your enemies. Look unto the purpose of your journey along the path of grief and see that road markers for others have been established. The pathway for the wounded is now made clearer. The highway of holiness is not a hard, bumpy road, but it is a smooth road paved with love and forgiveness. Those who walk the hard bumpy paths of life are on another highway. The way of a transgressor is hard. Go and direct faith’s traffic to the path that I have already traveled.  Walk in the light of love. Walk in the light as I am in the light, and my blood will keep you cleansed from all sin. Walk. The light is with you.  It is the light of forgiveness.  You have been forgiven of much. Now allow my love to reach through you to the unreachable.


RE: RHEMA – The Bright Light of God’s Glory Shining Through Vessels in Obscurity

Every prophet has felt the loneliness and isolation of the rejection and misunderstanding of the masses. It has always been some remark or harsh judgment from the Pharisees or a school-of-the-prophets member that would try to be like a sword in our bones. Yet, the sword of the Spirit looses us from the need for revenge or vengeance. Our apparent isolation and rejection is the fellowship of the things that we cannot hear or see in any other environment. Popular adulation never did fuel a revival or revelation. Revelation always comes to us when we pass beyond the popular venues of the crowds and can hear no other voice except the only one we need to hear. In his unsearchable riches are things that we will never discover on any path of this life. The word unsearchable in Ephesians means untraceable or no tracks. There is no road to get there. We are translated into that presence and power. Without number is translated in the Hebrew from the root word that means unsearchable. It means that God will unearth what we could never dig up by our own searching. In Job 34:24, this work of wonder and without number is used in a very interesting promise. He will break in pieces those who seem to be mighty and will set others in their stead. God will take care of our reputation and his own.

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