Great Grace to Look beyond the Circumstances and Behold the Victory Now and at the End of the Circumstances

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Great Grace to Look beyond the Circumstances and Behold the Victory Now and at the End of the Circumstances

By Moses Hightower

These words came into my hearing,

I have called you to testify concerning the resurrection. Do it with the power of my Spirit and great grace shall be upon you. My grace labors and enables you to accomplish solutions to the complex and simple problems of the hour. Lean on me and not on yourself, and you will experience the fullness of my grace. I have a fullness that you have never experienced. I have a testimony that you have never expressed. I have a light that you have never beheld. Look again to the favor given you, and you will find the benefits in the gift that you have overlooked.

I am refining your experience. Abundance of mercy is at work on your behalf. Though you deserved judgment, I have given you an abundance of my mercy to lift you and bring you out of the consequences of your mistakes and entrapments by the enemy. I am very rich in mercy. When you were dead in trespasses and sins, I expressed my extreme kindness toward you. This same kindness is expressing its nature and victory toward you. Experience the victory that comes by my kindness toward you. You should have perished, but the riches of my grace rained kindness upon you. Now allow the enabling grace that has made you acceptable in my sight to abound. Enabling grace is leaping with you in its arms. I am carrying you. I brought you out of darkness and into my marvelous light. I brought you out of the devil’s family and into the family of the most high God. How much more will I bring you out of every snare and every temptation?

You are not a minister of the gospel because of your human achievements. You are what you are by my grace. The grace that I have given is an effectual grace, which is laboring abundantly and effectual unto total victory and success in the kingdom of God. Do not fear the threats of the enemy. You have abounded unto a good work. I expressed my fullness to save you. Now I am expressing my fullness in keeping you and enabling you to accomplish the fulfillment of my vision; therefore, do not fear, neither be afraid of failure’s threat. I am sending forth an expression of grace that shall transform you. By my grace, I am doing more than you could ask or think. You are a new creature in me. Now lift up your eyes from the tree of man’s knowledge and look to the knowledge of God Almighty. I am the same, yesterday, today, and forever. In me, there is no darkness. In me, there is no defeat. With every trial, you are growing in my grace and in the knowledge of me, your Lord and Savior; therefore, be strong in this grace and show forth the testimony of my victory. Though you have sinned and fallen short of my glory, you are justified and counted righteous. Sin cannot rule over you. Sin must bow to my name. Do not continue in the altar of prostrated sin. Grace shall only abound as you continue in righteousness and holiness.

Do not take your relationship with me for granted, but realize that which is available to you is a blessing and a free gift. Do not use the blessing of forgiveness as an opportunity and occasion to sin and serve the flesh and the world. Many have lost their relationship with me and become slaves to another master because they took me for granted. Come to the altar of repentance and be broken on me. Repent and acknowledge your helplessness to live victoriously without my grace and me. Do not deceive yourself and say that you have no sin, but be honest, and you will not miss the grace that looks for you in this very hour. You can do nothing of yourself, but through me you can do all things. Do all things by grace, and then you will not falter and stumble over your own efforts and failures. Do all things by grace, then will you seek to please me and not seek the gratification of your flesh and self. I have touched you with my mighty grace. Now stretch forth your hands and touch the scepter of righteousness. I have beckoned you to come into the throne room; therefore, receive of my mercy and grace. It is enough for every dilemma and all circumstances. Look beyond your circumstances and behold the victory now and at the end of the circumstances.


RE: RHEMA – Great Grace to Look beyond the Circumstances and Behold the Victory Now and at the End of the Circumstances

Just as worship reaches into the future and sees the expected event coming, so does grace reach into the eternal and bring us victory now. Before time, grace was promised to us. If grace worked for us before man existed, then it is forward acting for us to reach into the future and bring us tomorrow’s benefits today. By the grace of God, we are what we are. Our ministry in grace is not based on our great ability or the lack of the same. We should have been destroyed, but God gets more glory out of redeeming us and bringing us again from sin’s graveyard and judgment’s gallery. We have begun in the grace that has taught us its wisdom, and we will not sit at the feet of another instructor. Every situation that is in our lives or that will come to us will be the opportunity to release the power of grace to change the lives of all those around us. It will impact life-long friends and strangers alike.

God recently spoke a short word to me and said,

“You are about to experience the unspeakable that Paul and John experienced. I reached to man with my word across the barriers of time. Men try to reach across the barriers of time and eternity to explain me, but they cannot. I will give you such a flood of information from heaven that your communicative abilities will not hold it. If you will release yourself and your understanding into my total control and surrender, then the realms of spiritual understanding will be yours to possess.”

God understands that everything concerning his kingdom will end in total victory. We must learn to continually rejoice in the sure promises that grace will deliver.

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