God’s Love Purges the Conscience of Dead Works to Serve the Living God

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“God’s Love Purges the Conscience of Dead Works to Serve the Living God”

By Moses Hightower

These words came unto me,

My name has been given to you. It is the highest name in heaven and in earth. I have honored you by giving you my name. For my name’s sake, I am leading you in the path of righteousness. I am the King of righteousness. I am King of a kingdom. My kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. It has been placed inside of you. Will you serve as the lord over my kingdom within you, or will you crown me the Lord of your life by your faith, obedience, love, and praise?

Many claim to have me without being filled with my Spirit. Some claim to have me but deny that I am God. I am the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Who can rule the kingdom of God except the King of righteousness and the King of peace?

I have imputed righteousness unto you by faith. As Abraham believed and was counted righteous, so have I counted you righteous. Accept the honor of right standing that has been granted you, and allow the blood of Christ to purge your conscience from all of your dead works to serve the living God. Your conscience has played its reviews of your past, your failures, your sins, and even your successes as you approached my throne for communion and fellowship. These reviews are unwanted and unnecessary expressions that have caused you to list yourself with the unbelievers and those who have no faith. I have come to purge your conscience of these listings that have hindered the activity of your gift. I have sanctified you in every way. Now release the listings that are replayed and reviewed by your conscience each time you approach me. These things have been at the root of all your struggles and defeats. Cease recycling these things. Give me your conscience, and I will empty it of these dead things

(In the Spirit, I saw a spiritual computer recycle bin being emptied)

I have granted you mercy according to my loving-kindness and the multitude of my tender mercies. Your sins and transgressions have been blotted out. I washed you in the waters of my name. I washed you thoroughly from your iniquities and cleansed you from all your sins. Your judgment has been cloudy. You do not always speak from the platform of justification. By grace through faith, I have purged you and made you clean. I am not hiding from you. I blotted out your transgressions and created within you a clean heart. I have renewed a right spirit within you. You are blessed, and your eyes can behold the invisible things of the kingdom. Go and teach transgressors my ways, for by the purging of your conscience, I have restored unto you the joy of my salvation. Sinners are waiting to be converted unto me. Take this message of the glorious gospel and the forgiveness of sins unto them. Teach them of the power of purging their conscience of dead works, and they will not serve themselves and gods that cannot see, hear, or talk. Teach them this truth, and their tongues shall sing aloud of my righteousness and the kingdom of God. Go and preach Jesus, the King of this kingdom and the Lord, your God. It is written, “Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” Rejoice. I have revealed myself unto you. Serve me, the living God.


* PROPHETIC INSIGHT by Don Grigsby        

RE: RHEMA – God’s Love Purges the Conscience of Dead Works to Serve the Living God

Abundant life is more than abundant joy. Our belly is filled with rivers of living waters. Rivers of joy, strength, delight, passion, peace, love, faith, healing, and freedom are just a few of the streams that inundate our lives. We have been washed by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. We are continually washed by the waters of the Rhema word of God. It is much like God washing us as a portion of the fabric of deity. Death does not give God glory, but life crowns him as the life giver. Not only are the wages of sin death, but its works all end up in the trash pile of death. We would not think of going to the waste dumps of this life to get our meals. We will not eat at the table that death and sin try to seat us at.

God’s love will purge our conscious from the failures of the past and the shortcomings of today. We will not turn our empty expectations of tomorrow into the plate that we eat our next meal from. We will come to the feast of the future that faith has promised for today. Mirrors of the past are not our frame of reference. We behold our face in the mirror of the prophetic word. We see an image that is completely clear of the wrinkles of death. We behold the eternal day that is the health of our countenance.

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